1. Preamble

2 Fields of application

3 Purpose

4 Prize

5 Payment

6 Invoices and late fees

7 Duration

8 Incorporation of the conditions of the original contract

9 Condition of the validity of contracts

10 Office use

11 Theft and valuables

12 Services included

13 Liability of the sub-tenant

14 Guarantee

15 Contract value

16 Safeguard clause

17 Internal regulations

18 The state of the object of the contract

19 Transfer of rights

20 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

1. Preamble

1.1 FERZ SA (hereinafter “the tenant”) is a company anonymous registered in the commercial register under number CHE-150.612.039. In particular, it manages a space Coworking (hereinafter Do It Better Coworking). Do It Better is the brandname which belongs to FERZ SA. 

1.2 The spaces rented by the tenant are made available provision of Coworkers (hereinafter “sub-tenants”)

2 Scope

2.1 These general conditions apply to all contractual obligations arising from a written contract of which the tenant and the sub-tenant are integral parts, unless the contrary is expressly provided for in the contractual relationship or extra-contractual in question.

3 Purpose

3.1 The building covered by this contract sublet is located at Rue du Valentin 1 at 1004 Lausanne near the landlord REGIE CHAPUIS SA (hereinafter "landlord")

4 Prize

4.1 The net monthly rents amount to the amount listed in the contract.

4.2 The tenant reserves the right to adjust prices to the market price after the original contract expires. The change in rent must be notified to same conditions as termination. In case of no acceptance, the sub-tenant may dispose of the contract.

4.3 In addition, if you subscribe to an additional service, the corresponding amount will be added to the monthly price.


5. Payment

5.1 The rent is payable in advance the first of each month. If the contract takes in the middle of a month or in the case of immediate termination for just reasons, the price will be calculated in proportion to the presence.

5.2 If the rent or part thereof remains unpaid after it has expired (whether expressly requested or not), the tenant may

5.3 In the case of subscription to an additional service (invoiced on a basis other than monthly), an invoice will be provided showing the services provided and their prices. The sub-tenant agrees to pay for these additional services on the payment date indicated on the invoice.

6.Invoices and reminder costs

6.1 All invoices provided by the tenant under tenants are considered requests formal.

6.2 The sub-tenant undertakes to pay all costs reminders generated by its delay.

7 Duration

7.1 The sublease contract has a stipulated duration in the new coworker file.

7.2 If after the expiration of the initial contract it is renewed tacitly the following termination conditions apply.

7.3 In the event of tacit renewal of the contract, termination does not intervene only on the first day of the month of September or January of each year, subject to 3 months notice.

7.4 Any termination of the contract must be sent by registered letter to the attention of FERZ SA, Rue du Valentin 1, PO Box 6142, 1002 Lausanne.

7.5 An extraordinary termination may be made for just reasons which make the continuation of the inadmissible contract.

8 Incorporation of the conditions of the original contract

8.1 This sublease contract is subject to provisions of the main contract concluded between tenant and original lessor

8.2 The termination or cancellation of the original contract between the lessor and the tenant will lead to termination automatic contract between the tenant and the sub-tenant without any compensation being required from the tenant by the sub-tenant.

9 Condition of validity of the contract

9.1 this contract is subject to the condition of the completion of the project in question. The parts will be released from their obligations if the project is not Coworking "Do it better "was not created for a reason or for another.

10. Use of offices

10.1 Coworker agrees not to use space "Do it better" coworking for a purpose other than the one announced in its subscription contract. He ... not may use it for immoral or illegal purposes. he further agrees to use it for its own account, the service subscription being not transferable.

11. Theft and valuables

11.1 the tenant declines any responsibility in the event of flight. Coworker takes all measures necessary to guarantee the security of its equipment and its values.

12. Included services

12.1 The subscription to the "Do it" coworking service better ”includes the services that have been purchased as described in the new coworker sheet. All other services offered by "Do it better ”, even repeatedly, cannot be considered as benefits please not giving right to any acquired.

13. Liability of the sub-tenant

13.1 The sub-tenant is responsible for all damage caused by himself or by anyone who are on the premises by express invitation or implied by the sub-tenant.

13.2 In the event of damage, the tenants may hire any useful action to fix it. The sub-tenant will then have to compensate the tenant for all expenditures. The tenant must not launch repairs without consent of the tenant. The sub-tenant must fully compensate the tenant for any damage resulting from its actions.

14 Guarantees

14.1 A rental guarantee of an amount equal to one month of rent must be provided to the tenant by the sub tenant at the signing of the contract.

14.2 The rental guarantee may be intended for the purchase of new furniture for the layout of the place work for a coworker.

14.3 In this case upon the termination of the contract, the tenant will not may claim reimbursement of the amount that was not spent on the purchase of furniture intended for its use.

14.4 He could nevertheless import this furniture with him if they are not the subject of any pretension on the part of the tenant.

14.5 This guarantee can serve: safety so that the coworker respects all his obligations from this contract to indemnify the tenant against: any loss arising from the violation of this contract by the sub-tenant; any claim against the sub tenant in connection with any matter from or in connection with this contract.

15 Contract value

15.1 The signing of this contract constitutes recognition debt within the meaning of Article 82 paragraph 1 of the Law debt and bankruptcy lawsuit (LP) for an amount equivalent to the sum of benefits received.

16 Safeguard clause

16.1 The nullity or unenforceability of one of the provisions of this contract does not affect the validity and enforceability of other provisions, which retain their full force and effect.


17 Internal regulations

17.1 The sub-tenant, by signing this contract, declares to submit to internal regulations of the Coworking space "Do it better" published on the website, which remains modifiable in all time.

Le règlement interne fait partie intégrante du présent contrat.

18 The state of the object of the contract


18.1 The sub-tenant declares to accept the thing rented in the state it is in when the contract is signed.


19 Transfer of rights


19.1 If necessary, the sub-tenant exercises his rights, in particular, but not exhaustively, to the maintenance of the thing rented as security for defaults in payment of possible damages exclusively against the lessor through the tenant if he - he agrees.


19.2 The tenant is not responsible for any defect in the thing rented or damage related to its use. In order for the action to be brought directly against the lessor by the sub-tenant, the tenant cedes to the sub-tenant his rights against the lessor.


20 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction


20.1 The law exclusively applicable to this is Swiss law. Any dispute concerning the application of this contract must be brought before the competent court according to the Swiss law in force of the domicile of the tenant.


This contract has been accepted and signed by the parties or their authorized representatives, it will take effect upon signature by them, subject to conditions.

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