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COWORK BETTER is a project designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs seeking flexibility. It allows companies and independent entrepreneurs to benefit from the essential infrastructure such as domiciliation in Lausanne, telephone line and other related services (please see description below), without losing time for its organisation, at low costs and flexible conditions. To access our services, you need to signup with us and choose a relevant service on the "Plans & Pricing" page accessible from the "My subscriptions" section of your personal member space.  

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Service Domiciliation Lausanne

Domiciliation Lausanne service : on a contractual basis, we propose to you our office to domicile your company for CHF 90.- per month. No registration of other hidden fees. The first payment represents the first month of the subscription. Shortly after the first payment you will receive an official domiciliation form that you can provide to the commercial registry. You can cancel the subscription in your member space at any time to avoid further debits from your card. However, the rental contract can be terminated by a 15 days notice send by registered letter to the end of a month, but at the earliest at the end of the month during which the company has moved from your address. 

Our subscribers for the Domiciliation Lausanne service benefit from the following advantages : ​

  • free mail processing ;

  • access to our community and events ; 

  • free swiss corporate compliance updates ; 

  • 1 hour of free legal advice provided by the Consultation juridique du Valentin. 

Apply for Domiciliation Lausanne now ! 

Mail processing: As part of the Domiciliation Lausanne service, we process your mail so that you can receive it in the most convenient form (by electronic or postal mail). We will forward your mail, either electronically by e-mail or by priority postal mail to a Swiss address (or foreign against an appropriate fee) of your choice. Scans are done in the best quality on both sides of the sheet, including envelopes. Your mail is sent to you in the form that suits you better at no extra cost (except for postage costs if it’s sent abroad or by registered mail).

Other services provided by our project: 

  • Telephone line: Customers who have subscribed to the Domiciliation Lausanne service can benefit from a local land telephone line ( 021..) for an additional fee. Thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies, this phone line can be used with an Android or iPhone app anywhere in the world.

  • Legal, fiduciary and secretarial services: Depending on the agreement, subscribers of the Domiciliation Lausanne service can benefit from other services offered by qualified collaborators of our project such as accountants or jurists.


CHF 90.- 

our clients get the advantages of:


Legal advice

15 min of free legal advice provided by the Consultation juridique du Valentin.


Our community

Access to the community through an internal forum and participation in monthly events. 


Compliance updates

Free swiss corporate compliance updates



To contact us you can fill in the form below. Our manager will contact you in a short term.

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